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Assassins Deadly Game Room Escape Game in Portland, Oregon

Assassin's Deadly Game

You and your team have entered the FBI's cadet program, and your first task is to enter the safe-house of one of the greatest assassins to date. You have been tasked to track down the assassin and help keep his next target alive.

Can you save the day, or will you fall victim to the Assassin's Deadly Game?

Escape Room Price
Escape Room Players
4-8 Players
Escape Room Time
60 Minutes
Escape Room Success Rate
69% Success
Secrets of Nibiru Room Escape Game in Portland, Oregon

The Secrets of nibiru

William Elshoff has scoured the globe for artifacts of great power. His findings had turned up little until now, he claimed he had found the key to Nibiru! He locked himself in his study and began to work, he has been in there for over a week! When we went to check on him we discovered he had vanished. That’s why we have summoned you here. We are hoping with your unique skill set you can unlock the secrets to Uncle William’s whereabouts, and bring him home!

Escape Room Price
Escape Room Players
6-10 Players
Escape Room Time
60 Minutes
Escape Room Success Rate
44% Success
The Pharaoh's Curse Room Escape Game in Portland, Oregon

The Pharaoh's Curse

Search this multi-room adventure escape game for treasures and the way out!

Step inside one of the oldest tombs found to date! Search for artifacts, relics, and treasures. But beware, for there is a deadly myth that follows this tomb. Can you get in, gather the treasure and escape The Pharaoh's Curse?

Escape Room Price
- -
Escape Room Players
4-10 Players
Escape Room Time
-- Minutes
Escape Room Success Rate
I.T.'s Nightmare Room Escape Game in Portland, Oregon

I.T.'s Nightmare

You are part of a new super-secret Information Technology group. They are experimenting with new ways to repair computers. They shrink you down and actually place you inside the computer so you can repair it from within!

You and your team will be inside a giant-sized computer attempting to fix the technical problems within and find a way back to "actual size". You don't need any special computer knowledge to solve this one.

Escape Room Price
- -
Escape Room Players
5-10 Players
Escape Room Time
60 Minutes
Escape Room Success Rate
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What People Say About Hour To Midnight

“I've done around 7 rooms in Portland and southern California, and this was by far my favorite. The design and tech they used made the room incredibly immersive, but didn't feel over the top or unbelievable. The puzzles were varied in difficulty and type, and everyone had something to do.”

Five Stars
Andrew H. loves our Escape Room in Portland, Oregon
Reviewed Hour to Midnight - Room Escape Games - Portland, OR on Yelp

“I LOVED the atmosphere and the detail of this room- very Raiders of the Lost Ark/Explorers' Club. It's really apparent that the creators put a lot of thought into constructing every last piece of this experience, and we had a great time. Nice mix of physical puzzles and brain stumpers throughout.

M.R. loves our Escape Room in Portland, Oregon
M. R.
Portland, OR ~ Trip Advisor

“We really enjoyed our adventure at Hour to Midnight.  We had a group ranging from 11-41 and everyone felt like they were a part of the puzzle challenge.  The room was incredible with wonderful thought-out props and secrets.  The story-line was a bit complex but fun and in theme.”

Brian L. loves our Escape Room in Portland, Oregon
Brian L.
Vancouver, WA ~ Yelp

“Wow! Secrets of Nibiru had a tight, cohesive setup and Hollywood level props and effects that would make Disneyland envious. Hour-To-Midnight's narrative driven puzzles definitely took escape rooms to the next level, delivering an immersive environment that I have yet to find anywhere else.”

Matt V. loves our Escape Room in Portland, Oregon
Matt V.
Portland, OR ~ Yelp

“Secrets of Nibiru was AMAZING!!!! One of the best escape rooms I've played in the country. Amazing game with great sets and theme. Backstory was intriguing and game was SUPER FUN!”

Brian Z. - One of the best escape rooms
Brian Z.

“This was our first time! Wow what an experience. Very well done. Totally worth every penny! I can't wait for the other rooms to be done. These guys put a lot of thought and effort into the experience. And it shows. You will not be disappointed.”

Kristie S. was wowed by our escape room
Kristie S.
Sherwood, OR ~ Yelp

“This room was professionally designed and impressively decorated from top to bottom, complete with nice touches on sound and lighting. Fully immersive with a nice variety of puzzles. The props and puzzles were well thought out, and well designed.”

John D. liked the immersive escape room
John D.
Portland, OR ~ EscapeRoomer

“We've done Escape Rooms all over the country and this was hands-down my favorite. Can't wait to come do another room!”

Sarah M. says it is her favorite escape room in the country
Sarah M.
Alexandria, VA ~ Yelp

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a room that 2 to 10 people will be locked in for a predetermined amount of time. While in the room they must gather clues to solve puzzles so they can escape the room. Some of our rooms are more of an adventure room, so the end goal may be different.

Typically the games last up to 60 minutes with a short introduction at the start and brief wrap up at the end. We ask that you show up 15 minutes early for rules and a short story.

We specialize in set design, themed environments, theatrics, story telling, lighting/sound effects, electronic wizardry, and use very few padlocks. Our approach is very different to other escape games since we try to create the most immersive game possible.

While we do actually lock some of the rooms, all rooms have an emergency exit button which allows you to leave at any time. If you leave the room you may not be allowed to re-enter depending on team response and show timing.

Yes. However, if you are bringing children under the age of 13 you will have to book the entire room since we don't allow mixed groups with young children. Also Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

No. All sales are final. Please be aware that our game is a live event, so once the booking is confirmed, refunds, cancellations or reschedules are not accepted.

If you would like a team with your friends and do not want other players to join you, please purchase all tickets of a certain time slot. If you cannot purchase all tickets, it means someone has already purchased 1 or more tickets at that time slot. We have converted Wednesdays to Private book event days. If you purchase the minimum attendance for that room we will mark it as private. All members of the team still need to purchase the game to play.

We cannot hold tickets until they are paid for, sorry. If you would like to attend the game on a certain date, please purchase the tickets in advance.

If you have additional questions please email us for best response  Info@hourtomidnight.com