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The Lost Relic of the Pharaohs

Setback after setback has caused the team at this archaeological dig site to abandon their efforts. But world renown explorer and billionaire William Elshoff has provided new funding to resume excavation.

Your team of archaeologists was chosen to head up the discover and retrieve a lost relic, The mask of Zanahkt! But you must hurry, a sandstorm is brewing so the window to get in and out is short!

Portland, Oregon Team Building Activity
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The Pharaoh's Curse is an Archaeological treasure hunt. We have crafted the most realistic Egyptian themed environment in Portland.

Era: Modern day Egypt.

Dress: We suggest an adventurer or explorer costume for this room (Indiana Jones, Laura Croft, archaeologist).

Room Difficulty: This room is fairly difficult in that there are a lot of things to be done in the room. This room is more of get in, grab the treasure and get out adventure room. Due to narrower passages and some puzzles being higher up, it's not as accessible as our other rooms.

Suggested Age: We highly suggest 12 and over for this room. Players under 12 tend to get a little too excited, and may hurt themselves on all the props and structures.

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