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Sharon W.Portland, OR 


This was my very first experience in an escape room. I confess I was expecting a little adventure and a little more cheesy. There was no cheesy. The room was very well designed. From the set to the technology, to the thought that had to go into inspiring the mind, it was high quality all the way. Even the clues and sound effects were so well thought out and timed that everyone in the group was impressed. We went as a family (6 of us) for my sons birthday.  

As the old person I was expecting my family of cool nerd types to do the majority of the work and I could just chill and enjoy them. Not happening. The room was so engaging. From the story line to the clues, that I'm sure were designed to tease the ole grey matter, it was impossible not to get involved. Fortunately all of my nerd family has unique ways of problem solving so we kind of fed ideas off each other. As the time started to approach the end, the adrenaline was really pumping. It was amazing. 

There is another room going now that sounds really intense. I can't remember the story but I think I heard gunfire. I think there were assassins and intrigue and cool stuff.  There is also an Egyptian curse room that sounds incredible that is being designed and built right now! I must go back, soon.