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Secrets Of Nibiru

Secrets of Nibiru is an Archaeological meets science fiction adventure. Many of our visitors describe it as being in Indiana Jones office.

Era: Modern today just a few hours after the event.

Dress: We suggest an adventurer, for a costume for this room (Indiana Jones, Laura Croft, international explorer)

Best Group Size: The Room was designed for 6-10 people, from watching many games the closer to 10 people you have the better you chances of escaping are.

Escape Rate: The escape rate greatly depends on the group size.
                         2-4   <20%
                         4-6   <30%
                         6-8   <40%
                         8-10 <50%

Room Difficulty: We say this room is fairly difficult in that there is a lot of things to be done in the room.  The more experienced groups may find it less difficult as experience in working with Escape Rooms always helps.

Suggested Age: We highly suggest 13 and over for this room. Players under 13 may find it difficult to stay stimulated as this is a single room.

William Elshoff Curriculum Vitae

Department of Astroarchaeology
Pacific Northwest College of Ancient Studies
2300 N Pacific Highway
Portland, Or. 97239


1990-Present        Retired and serial explorer in search of the secrets of Nibiru.
1972-1990              Founding Professor and Dean of Astroarchaeology, Pacific Northwest College of Ancient Studies
1960-1972              Professor and chair of Archaeology, Division of Archaeology, University of Cambridge


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The Story

Professor Elshoff has been traveling the world collecting bizarre artifacts believed to have some kind of combined special power. He has spend most of his life gathering and researching these objects. He has returned from his last international hunt for the last of these objects. He was very excited when he returned home and began working in his study immediately. He was in his study for some time when his Niece Jenny came by. She was rushed into the study by a very excited and exhausted Professor Elshoff. She was in there for only a short time when she can running out crying and saying "She Couldn't Do it" she ran off in great distress. We went into the study and noticed the place was a mess. So we quickly cleaned up and put things away and there was no sign of the Professor. We have been trying to track down his niece but can not find her. So we need your help to find the Professor while we try to track down his niece.

Secrets of Nibiru is Basis

The Secrets of Nibiru is based on some alternative history and some stories related to it. Here we will put some references to Nibiru and other things you may find interesting if you like the back story of this room.


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