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Quality Team Building for Portland Oregon

We offer Portland, OR area businesses, groups, and organizations escape room team building activities. Our escape rooms are designed for intense cooperation and teamwork. Each game offers live-action entertainment that allows groups to work together to solve numerous challenges. We can facilitate a fun and engaging, collaborative problem solving experience that participants will be talking about for weeks.

Portland, Oregon Team Building Activity

How Can an Escape Game Benefit Our Company?

The benefits of team-building exercises are endless, but here are just a few:
  • Boost engagement & morale in the workplace
  • Break down barriers of communication between coworkers
  • Problem solving
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase efficiency
  • Conflict resolution
In addition to the benefits above, you can find hidden skills you didn't know your employees possessed:
  • How do employees work under pressure?
  • Which employee takes on the leadership role under pressure?
  • Which employee is able to come up with innovative solutions?
  • How do coworkers interact with one another?

Team Building Session(s)

Session Timing:  With back to back games running we can reset the room in around 10 minutes allowing us to space games out about 1 hour 20 minutes apart.  Time may  vary based on the escape time of the group in the room.  
Group Size: Group sizes will depend on the specific room(s) requested as our rooms will vary in group sizes.
             "Secrets of Nibiru": up to 10 players per session
            "Assassins Deadly Game": Not currently available
Dates and Times: Team building sessions can have custom booking times and days. Please contact our office for arrangements for custom booking dates/times. If you wish to book during our normal business hours times are subject to current availability. Contact our office to have us block out the times you wish.

Standard Escape Room Team Building in Portland, Oregon

Banquet Room

The Banquet Room is included in a team building sessions. It is a versatile room that can be configured to your needs. Below we will list the amenities for this room and what options are available.

  • Room for up to 30 people
  • Tables, chairs and linens.
  • Full use of our banquet room (2 hours for first session)
  • Special attention from our trained staff
  • Outside food and drink are allowed (see catering)

Additional hours: $25 an hour

Standard Escape Room Team Building in Portland, Oregon

Spoiler Room

The Spoiler room is an area we set up to have a live video and audio stream of the room(s).  This option is available only to people who have already played that room so it will not "Spoil" it for them.  It is fun for everyone.  We set this up for any multi-session bookings.

We have two locations which we can setup the spoiler room. In the Lobby, we have a monitor as well as a smaller room near our bathrooms. Either or both can be playing any of the open rooms with a live stream.

Standard Escape Room Team Building in Portland, Oregon

Food and Catering

We allow outside food and drinks in our facility for team building events. We have a list of catering companies we can share upon request. Depending on your group size and sessions booked we may arrange our lobby into the food services area.

If you want us to help arrange for catering we can take care of this for you. Please contact our staff via email to arrange.

Standard Escape Room Team Building in Portland, Oregon

Team building Costs

Session costs vary per room requested as it is based on the maximum player count for the room.

         "Secrets of Nibiru"-$325 per session

         "Assassins Deadly Game"-not currently available

The Banquet room may be rented for additional time at $25 an hour.

The Banquet room can be rented independent of any game session for $150 for the first 2 hours at $50 each additional hour.

Additional Upgrades Available on Request (pricing may very based on availability)

  • Soda and other beverages available on site.
  • Have your event catered (by us or with our partners)
  • Light snacks and drinks
  • Flip Charts
  • Projector or TV
  • Professional photograpgher
  • Karaoke (we supply the KJ or you can run the system)
  • Public Announcement system with Computer patch for audio from laptop or other portable devices
Need more Info or want to plan a Team Building Event? Please contact us or call 503-673-EXIT (3948)

We Will Work With You to Meet Your Needs

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