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March 16, 2017

All Good things come to those who have patience

Good things take time. Well, this story is one of those. It all started back in November 2016….

Mike Buscho from KUIK-AM Radio

So, Tom and I are busy working on our newest escape room “Assassin’s Deadly Game”  when we get an email from  Mike Buscho from KUIK-AM Radio. Saying that he passes by our facility every day and is curious and wants to do an interview with us on our project.  He has done interviews other Escape Room owners in Portland and finds the whole thing fascinating.   

Well, of course, respond enthusiastically, but we have some restraints that we have to deal with.  Both Tom and I work normal 9-5 day jobs on top of running Hour To Midnight.  So our time is very precious and we asked Mike if he could come to us to do an interview.  This way he can see for himself what the “Secrets of Nibiru” looks like and how we run Room Escape Games.  He was eager to stop by and so we made arrangements to meet and do the interview at Hour To Midnight.

Meeting at Hour To Midnight - Room Escape Games

Ed and Tom of Hour to Midnight

Well, of course as long stories go this wasn’t the end but only the beginning. Mike showed up and we gave him the $1.10 tour. Showing him “Secrets of Nibiru” and the progress on “Assassin’s Deadly Game”  we also showed him the rest of our space and then we sat down to do the interview. Everything seems to go really well until Mike went to cut an interview together and found that Tom and I were too far away from the mic to really hear us well. So we abandoned those recordings and opted to try again.

We scheduled out another day and this time we were going to try and make it to the studio. Only to look outside before our trip to the studio and see SNOW!. Yeah, and not just a little. More snow that I remember seeing on the group here in Portland in a very long time.  So we call Mike up and explain that it was too much of a risk for us to drive to Hillsboro and to his studio for the interview.  This started the long task of scheduling and canceling due to snow/ice and other acts of nature that would have made the commute more of a dare than we liked.  

The Rewards

Car in Snow

Finally, in February we were able to get a time schedule we could visit KUIK studio and do our interview. We showed up on time and had a great time talking with Mike about our passion and enjoyment of building/running Portland's most immersive Room Escape Game.  So here we will share with you the two different cuts of the interview.  A short “on air” version and a longer “Director’s cut” that was posted on Facebook.

Directors Cut

On Air

Edited by:
Thomas Johnson
Ed Wolf

Ed Wolf one of the many team members in FrightFX LLC, who has brought forth a new and fun world or immersive room escape games.

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