Pharaoh's Lost Relic Now Open

December 6, 2021
Press Release

The Pharaoh’s Lost Relic, Hour to Midnight’s newest room escape game, opens to resounding praise as the company’s most ambitious project yet.

Portland, OR. October 11th, 2021. Hour to Midnight prepares for the official public launch of The Pharaoh’s Lost Relic, a completely immersive room escape game. Tickets go on sale at at 10 am pst. on Wednesday, October 13th, with the first experience starting at 4:45 pm pst. On Friday, October 15th.

Hour to Midnight is known in the Portland escape room scene for high quality rooms with great attention to detail, their newest room is no exception. The Pharaoh’s Lost Relic is the culmination of everything the company has learned in the past 5 years, from puzzle design to player engagement. After 2 months of continuous beta testing, the new room is finally ready to wow the public.

Matthew Vincent, a Beta Tester said, “The Pharaoh's Lost Relic contained well-crafted, highly thematic environments and props that provided an incredibly immersive experience. I have yet to find another escape room taken to this level!”

Kaylee Aalbers, an Hour to Midnight employee and graphic designer who worked on construction and art for the room said, “When I was hired this was our banquet room, so being able to see it literally from the ground up is both cool and shows you just how many little details go into building a room.”

About Hour to Midnight: Hour to Midnight Room Escape Games opened in 2015 with their flagship room, The Secrets of Nibiru. They provide high quality interactive rooms that leave no detail overlooked. To book an escape room experience visit

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