September 2018 Newsletter

House of Darkness Opens In October!

October 2, 2018

Now Open For October!

"Arthur Holmwood was a peaceful man with a beautiful wife. One day his wife was exploring the old ruins nearby their modest home, she never returned. Arthur went out looking for her and all he was able to recover was a scrap of her dress with some blood on it. He heard tales of a creature that lurked in those ruins, and he was sure his wife came to her untimely demise by its claws. Arthur wasn't ignorant of the ways of the supernatural, having spent some time in the tutelage of Abraham Van Helsing. He decided vengeance would be his, gathered up his equipment, and set off to destroy the creature. He ventured into the ruins, but was never seen again..."

The latest Adventure from Hour To Midnight is ready for you and your team! But this time, you and your team are being asked to help solve a supernatural mystery that will lead you into the darkest corners of your imagination.  

This game is designed for 2-6 players. Open for bookings now!  

Holiday and Special Events

Looking to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or special event?  Don't want the mess at home?  Come enjoy our escape rooms and board games and let us recommend a great caterer for your occasion!

Book your next event at Hour To Midnight!

Team Building

Room escape games are fantastic team building opportunities. Be the hero of your office and suggest a fun and effective team building experience in one of our immersive rooms. If you have already played, enjoy the spoiler room and watch your co-workers work together. Toss in some catering and use our banquet room to have a nice day out of the office.

Immerse Yourself!

Our games are all about a great immersive experience!  Whether you are on a mission to catch one of the most devious, clever minds wreaking havoc across the globe in Assassins Deadly Game or on an adventure to solve the mystery of William Elshoff in Secrets of Nibiru, you'll be in top form when suited up for your next escape game!

Holiday Gift Ideas

Give the gift of more time with the people you care about. The holidays are just around the corner and a gift card to Hour To Midnight is perfect for all occasions. Use the gift card to book an experience with friends and family in another room, or to purchase a game from the game store. Either one buys you quality time with your favorite people.        

Construction Update

Work will start again soon on The Pharoah's Curse while we bring you


Pharoah's Curse will be our most spectacular game yet. Navigate your way through our newest multi-room adventure coming to you in 2019!

Also in the works is The Treasure of The Knights Templar!

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