Top 5 Adventures in Portland

Whether you're coming in from out of town, or looking to re-discover your own city, these Top 5 Portland adventures will be your key to exploring the Portland area.

October 26, 2018

Top 5 Adventures in Portland OR

So, you’re planning a trip to our fair city of Portland, Stumptown, PDX, or City of Roses whichever moniker you prefer we have something to offer you! With vast natural resources, a thriving social and culinary scene and a mindset of excitement and adventure, Portland has a lot to offer any visitor.  We have gathered 5 of the most exciting things that we have found to do in Portland, including must-see attractions to can’t-miss local businesses.

#1 Hour To Midnight: Room Escape Games

Voted as the premier escape room in Portland, this event is a must-see for tourists and locals alike. Created by two local Portland residents who wanted to share their love of creative engineering and puzzle solving with the world, Hour to Midnight has quickly become a top rated favorite amongst escape room enthusiasts. Currently hosting 2 fully immersive escape rooms, with 2 more multi-room adventures on the way, there is no shortage of possibilities for fun.

“You and your teammates will be locked in an Escape room. You only have 60 minutes to escape the room, so use your time wisely. You will need to work together in order to search out mysteries, find the hidden clues, solve puzzles and escape. This experience will be unlike any you have ever had!”

When Hour To Midnight came onto the scene they set the standard for what an escape room could and should be. With a fully immersive room, unique puzzles and special effects that keep you engaged and dumbfounded these two creatives have created a one of a kind experience.

The first one; Assassin’s Deadly Game is a single room where you must find the clues and solve all the puzzles before the booby traps left for you and your friends detonate! Classified as their starter room, it has often been compared to Mr. and Mrs. Smith’s apartment from the movie of the same name.

The second, and frankly more challenging of the two is Secrets of Nibiru. You and your fellow escape artists must decipher the clues and figure out where the artifacts are hidden, and find the location of the missing archaeologist before it is too late!

#2: Columbia River Gorge and Multnomah Falls

The Pacific Northwest is a stunningly beautiful place full of lush forests, gorgeous rivers, and awe-inspiring mountains. This breathtaking landscape is exemplified best at the Multnomah Falls in the Columbia River Gorge just a half hour outside of Portland. This year-round waterfall is fed by an underground spring and snow-melt that keeps is beautiful through all 4 seasons. There is never a bad time to visit this awe-inspiring 611’ cascade of water.

“According to Native American lore, Multnomah Falls was created to win the heart of a young princess who wanted a hidden place to bathe. Although you can see the top portion of the falls from the highway, to view both tiers you have to walk to the viewing area located in a carved-out opening in the rock face. Tilting your head up in the narrow rocky confines of the steep cliffs, you get a mind-boggling perspective on the sheer magnitude of the falls.”

This natural phenomenon is a can’t miss for anyone coming to visit and is an easy 5-minute hike from the parking lot.

#3: Portland Brewery Bike Tour

If you’re into bikes and/or beer, this is an excellent way to explore the city! A 3 hour, 5-mile tour of Portland that includes multiple brewery stops and beers along the way! Portland has been a mecca for craft beer aficionados and has played a major role in the countries craft beer revival, and there is no better way to pay homage than to sample and tour the many amazing breweries this city has to offer. If beer tasting is not your thing, do not be afraid, this tour has plenty to offer and will showcase many of Portland’s historical and contemporary landmarks!

We’ll tour one of the breweries and see how the magic is made! Along the way, we’ll point out all the best bars, restaurants and many Portland sights including Powell’s Books, Stumptown Coffee, Downtown, the Pearl District and Northwest Portland. We’ll ride past 8 local brewpubs, stop into 3 of them, and finish the tour with a glass of tasty, local brew at our shop. You’ll leave the tour with plenty of places to return to so that you can continue sampling some of the best beer in Oregon!

#4: Underground Portland Walking Tour

Do you have a penchant for the seedy underbelly of society? Do you yearn to learn the mysteries that exist below your feet? Then look no further than the underground walking tour of Portland. They will take you beneath the surface of our beloved town on a casual walk through history… and danger!

“…expose the myths behind the legends of the so-called Shanghai Tunnels. This walk is a treat for lovers of all things sinister – crime, scandal, and controversial characters – a no-holds-barred excursion into the worst Portland has to offer.”

Even if you think that you know all about Portland, be prepared to learn something new.  The operators are constantly updating and expanding their offerings based on new information and excavations that reveal deeper details into the seedy and often a-moral lifestyles of Portlanders of old.

“Now With More Immorality & Vice! We've revamped this tour based on new subterranean discoveries and investigations into the worst of the illicit, naughty, bawdy, corrupt and shady activities of Portland's not-so-proud past. If you haven't been on this tour recently, you'll want to return, as we've added a large, subterranean area with all new displays.”

#5: 4-T Tour of Portland

Not many cities in this world offer as large a variety of ways to travel as Portland. This self-guided walking tour gets its name from the various forms of transportation that you will use; Train, Trail, Tram, and Trolley.  While this may sound daunting, it is a well-marked trail that will only cost you $5, a bit of leg power (about 2.5 miles of walking, and 4 hours to tour the city!)

The TRAIN portion starts you at the Pioneer Courthouse Square, from here you will travel to the Portland Zoo, this train stop is 260 ft. below ground level and is the deepest tunnel in the nation. From here you will take the elevator to the surface, where you have the opportunity to explore the Portland Zoo if you so choose.

Next up is the TRAIL portion of your excursion. Following the Marquam Trail, you will hike up to Council Crest Park, the highest point in Portland at 1,073 feet. This is an excellent place to enjoy a picnic and rest from the hike.

From here you will start the TRAM portion of your journey, A walk further along Marquam trail, (if you’re in a hurry you can follow city streets for a shorter route) will lead you to OHSU where you will find the aerial tram! This will take you soaring over the city to get panoramic views.

Finally, you end with TROLLEY, the Portland Streetcar, you can board this at the bottom of the aerial tram and it will take you through back to downtown Portland, only one stop away from your starting point Courthouse Square.

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