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Assassin's Deadly Game

You and your team have been chosen by the FBI to form an elite task force, and your first op is to enter the safe-house of one of the greatest assassins to date. You have been tasked to track down the assassin and help keep his next target alive. 

Can you save the day, or will you fall victim to the Assassin's Deadly Game?

Portland, Oregon Team Building Activity
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Assassin's Deadly Game is a spy-fi thriller. Many of our visitors describe it as being in Jason Bourne's or Mr. and Mrs. Smith's apartment.

Era: Modern day, shortly after the assassin left his apartment.

Dress: We suggest a suit or some sort of spy costume for this room (Jame Bond, Jason Bourne, FBI Agent).

Room Difficulty: This room is our starter room, but there are still a lot of things to be done in the room. If you have never done an escape room before, this one's for you. The more experienced groups will still find it exceptionally fun though.

Suggested Age: We highly suggest 11 and over for this room.

Warning, there are simulated guns and explosions in this room.

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5 out 5 stars

Hour to Midnight has some of the best escape rooms I have ever done!! We've done multiple Escape Rooms around the country and I highly recommend Hour to Midnight! Assassin's Deadly Game is a great, high success rate game. The electronic features are impressive and exciting and the story-line is engaging. Secrets of Nibiru was incredible. Very well designed, exciting features, challenging and interconnected puzzles, the right amount of clues, overall fantastic.

Emily A.
Portland, OR
5 out 5 stars

This was our first time doing an escape room and we just barely made it out in time of Assassin's Deadly Game.  Well done puzzles and we all had a wonderful and exciting time!  We will be coming back to take on the Secrets of Nibiru soon!I highly recommend Hour to Midnight!  A great escape room experience!

Dave E.
Newport, OR