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Assassin's Deadly Game

You and your team have been chosen by the FBI to form an elite task force, and your first op is to enter the safe-house of one of the greatest assassins to date. You have been tasked to track down the assassin and help keep his next target alive. 

Can you save the day, or will you fall victim to the Assassin's Deadly Game?

Portland, Oregon Team Building Activity
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Assassin's Deadly Game is a spy-fi thriller. Many of our visitors describe it as being in Jason Bourne's or Mr. and Mrs. Smith's apartment.

Era: Modern day, shortly after the assassin left his apartment.

Dress: We suggest a suit or some sort of spy costume for this room (James Bond, Jason Bourne, FBI Agent).

Room Difficulty: This room is fast paced with lot's of things to be done. The puzzles are a bit quicker to work due to the quantity. The high tempo and quick pace set by this room will keep you moving and challenged. The assassins' taunting will have you scrambling to work some dexterity type puzzles for the win.

Suggested Age: We highly suggest 11 and over for this room.

Warning, there are simulated guns and explosions in this room.
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5 out 5 stars

We have done quite a few rooms in the Portland area and Assassin's Deadly Game at Hour to Midnight is by far our favorite. We found the staff to be friendly and engaging and the game master was fun to work with. The room itself was highly polished with a good number of unique and intuitive puzzles. We left energized and found ourselves talking about the puzzles for hours afterward. That's a sign of a great escape room. We will be returning soon to play Niburu.

Cristy W.
Portland, OR
5 out 5 stars

The set design was fantastic. We've done Escape Rooms with three different companies and this was by far the most impressive, most detailed, and most realistic of rooms. Our room was styled as an apartment, and we were looking for an Assassin. The room was incredible- I would have thought I was walking into an authentic apartment! So much detail... Duct work, windows, plumbing, electrical, etc. Incredible, incredible job by the ownership group. We'll be going back to do a different room with our entire family during Christmas time. The staff, too, was so warm and welcoming.

Zack P.
Portland, OR