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House of Darkness

One day Arthur Holmwood's wife was exploring the old ruins near their home, she never returned... Arthur searched for her but all he found was a scrap of her dress with some blood on it. He ventured into the ruins but was never seen again...

You are tasked with locating his weapons and discovering his fate.

Portland, Oregon Team Building Activity
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Reopening April 8th
House of Darkness is part escape room and part haunted house. Only the brave should tackle this one!

Era: Late 1800's, in the dungeon of a castle ruins.

Dress: Wear something easy to move in since there will be crawling and other elements that require you to have freedom of movement.

Room Difficulty: This room is fairly difficult in that after the first portion of the room you will be in the dark for around 30 minutes solving puzzles by feel and sound.

Suggested Age: We highly suggest 16 and over for this room. Players under 13 too terrifying.

Warning, there are shackles (with safety release), crawling, confined spaces, and areas of complete darkness.

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5 out 5 stars

Absolutely love this company! In my top 10 favorite companies. I am an escape room junkie and these rooms where very well made. The puzzles where completely new, and their set designs are amazing. Absolutely LOVED House of Darkness. It really let's you chose your own setting, as it is pitch black. They even will show you the room with the lights on afterwards, and it is nothing like I would have imagined. And the game masters are very enthusiastic and pretty hilarious. Can't wait for more rooms!

Jordan G.
5 out 5 stars

Easily the best escape room experience I have had. The House of Darkness was incredible. The level of set dressing and attention to theme is hard to match. I am excited to see new rooms as they develop. I'll definitely be back to try the other 2 in time.

Jackson W.
Portland, OR