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The Secrets of Nibiru

William Elshoff has scoured the globe for artifacts of great power. His findings had turned up little until now, he claimed he had found the key to Nibiru! He locked himself in his study and began to work, he has been in there for over a week! When we went to check on him we discovered he had vanished. That’s why we have summoned you here. We are hoping with your unique skill set you can unlock the secrets to Uncle William’s whereabouts, and bring him home!

Portland, Oregon Team Building Activity
Secrets of Nibiru is an Archaeological meets science fiction adventure. Many of our visitors describe it as being Indiana Jones' office.

Era: Modern today just a few hours after the event.

Dress: We suggest an adventurer, for a costume for this room (Indiana Jones, Laura Croft, international explorer)

Room Difficulty: We say this room is fairly difficult in that there is a lot of things to be done in the room.  The more experienced groups may find it less difficult as experience in working with Escape Rooms always helps.

Suggested Age: We highly suggest 13 and over for this room. Players under 13 may find it difficult to stay stimulated as this is a single room.

Or, Try One of Our Other Rooms

Wish I could give them more stars! This was my second room, and by far this one was the best! Perfect theme, who doesn't want to be in an Indiana Jones kind of movie? Finding any clue felt like you won something. Masks, books, chess, word ciphers. This was a very well thought out escape room.

Joshua L.
Northwest Industrial, Portland, OR