The Pharaoh's Lost Relic

Legend states over 5000 years ago there were artifacts of great power used by the ancient rulers to bend the very fabric of reality. To prevent the wrong people from gaining this powerful ability, these rarities were scattered across the globe and hidden away from mankind. You have been called upon to help locate the final resting place of one of these great objects, the mask of Zanahkt! You will join renowned explorer William Elshoff’s crew of archaeologists and explorers in search of The Pharaoh’s Lost Relic!

Portland, Oregon Team Building Activity
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The Pharaoh's Lost Relic is an Archaeological treasure hunt. We have crafted the most realistic Egyptian themed environment in the Greater Portland Area.

Era: 1990's Egypt.

Dress: We suggest an adventurer or explorer costume for this room (Indiana Jones, Laura Croft, archaeologist).

Room Difficulty: This room is fairly difficult in that there is low light and lots of things to be done in the room (over 600 Sq ft). Due to narrower passages and some puzzles being higher up, it's not as accessible as our other rooms.

Suggested Age: We highly suggest 12 and over for this room. Players under 12 tend to get a little too excited, and may hurt themselves on all the props and structures.

Warning, there are some confined spaces and areas of darkness.

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5 out 5 stars

My friends and I did the pharaoh room on NYE and it was AMAZING. Holy shmoly, it’s the coolest room I’ve ever done! My partner and I love escape rooms and we’ve done a number of them now. This one was definitely the most intricate, well thought out, and exciting. On top of that, our game master was excellent as well! Very kind, helpful, and kept in character the whole time. I highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a really amazing escape room experience!

Natalie Q.
Portland, OR
5 out 5 stars

My husband and I were visiting from out of state and decided to take my brother and SIL to their first escape room. We have done around a dozen or so ourselves, and Pharaoh's Lost Relic blew us away! As far as theatrics go, this is the best one we ever done. The set design is top-notch and it's like you are completely transported into a temple. The puzzles were very clever with a large amount of tactical and mag lock puzzles. The room was not too difficult for new players and impressed us as vets. We really wish we could do more of Hour to Midnight's rooms! Thank you for a wonderful experience!!

Audrey P.