Treasure of The Knights Templar

The year is 1312. You made the pilgrimage to join the Knights Templar. While your intentions were good, your timing... not so much. Seems the Knights Templar and associates have been sentenced to death.

Just before you were captured, you heard of their great treasure and a rumor that it is in fact hidden within the dungeons of the Knights Templar's stronghold, the very place you will spend the rest of your short life!

Portland, Oregon Team Building Activity
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Spring 2021
Treasure of The Knights Templar is a completely new type of escape room experience with traps and a living story you interact with!

Era: Early 1300's, in a prison cell of the knight's stronghold.

Dress: Wear something easy to move in since there will be some tight spaces and other elements that require you to have freedom of movement.

Room Difficulty: While this room is not necessarily difficult, it does have unique elements that can cause the gameplay length to vary.

Suggested Age: We suggest 13 and over for this room. Players under 13 may find it a bit scary.

Warning, there dungeon cells, tight squeezes, torture implements, and areas of complete darkness.

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